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More Ways To Market Your Small Business With Google

Screenshot of Google My Business

Marketing your small business or start-up online can be tough. To improve your visibility, make sure to take advantage of Google’s programs. One of the simplest things you can do is Google My Business (GMB). If you haven’t set up your GMB yet, here are the basics. If you’re ready to take it to the next level, read on!

A great feature for restaurants and service type businesses is Menu and Services. You can create a list of your offerings and it will appear in your GMB listing.

Here’s how to set up your list:

  • Log into your GMB account
  • Click the Info tab
  • Scroll down until you see Services (usually just below the appointment URL)
  • Click to add/edit items

You can create different sections for your list and add individual items along with a description and price. If you don’t want your pricing on the web, you can leave it blank. If you don’t see this feature, Google probably thinks it isn’t applicable for your business.

FYI: It doesn’t appear that Google is showcasing your services list everywhere yet. It does show up on mobile though. When you click on your search listing, tap the “menu” tab to see your list. Ours is below. Hopefully, this will make its way to desktop search soon.

Google My Business menu on mobile device

The other feature is called Posts. This is a great way for businesses to communicate timely information right on the search results page. There are options to communicate something new, an event, an offer, or even a specific product. Posts usually stay live for 7 days. You have some control over this, but they aren’t intended to be permanent.

When you log into your account, you should see the Posts tab on the left. As with social media posts, it’s a good idea to include an image with your post. Include a headline, a description, and a compelling call to action. There is also an option to add a button with a link. Try to update your account regularly with new posts. This tells Google you’re an active business. That should give you brownie points versus similar businesses. (That’s only a theory, but it likely won’t hurt.)

If we run across any more helpful features for GMB, we’ll let you know.

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