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How To Stop Losing Your Talented Employees

“We’re hiring” sign with employees in the background. Image Credit: Gerd Altmann

We’re hearing more often from small businesses and start-ups that they’re having trouble keeping employees. They assume it’s because of a good economy. It’s difficult to tell them that probably isn’t the real reason someone is leaving. While there are many reasons someone will choose to quit a job, most of the time people quit because they’re unhappy. And, chances are, the root cause of the unhappiness is directly attributable to the company’s managers.

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Hidden Gems for Small Business Saturday

“Come In, We’re Awesome” sign in front of store. Image Credit: Artem Bali

The Saturday after Thanksgiving has become known as Small Business Saturday. Big box stores and behemoth online retailers typically dominate the holiday shopping scene for most folks. But for those who are willing to step away from the programmatic algorithms and maelstrom of the mass merchant deal bin, wonderful shopping experiences await at small businesses everywhere.

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More Ways To Market Your Small Business With Google

Screenshot of Google My Business

Marketing your small business or start-up online can be tough. To improve your visibility, make sure to take advantage of Google’s programs. One of the simplest things you can do is Google My Business (GMB). If you haven’t set up your GMB yet, here are the basics. If you’re ready to take it to the next level, read on!

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How To Market Your Small Business Using Google

Screenshot of Google My Business homepage

If you’re like most small businesses and start-ups, finding ways to market your business is always on your “to do” list. Google offers some great programs to help your business get found online.

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Helpful Marketing Resources for Small Businesses and Start-ups


Are you finding it difficult to keep up with the world of marketing and how to more effectively market your business? It’s definitely a challenge for everyone. Even more so for small business owners and start-ups who don’t usually have someone dedicated to doing the marketing.

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How to Change the Text in Your Website’s Google Search Results

blog-change-text-in-search-results-40185-pexels-1280w Image Credit: Pexels

Search engine marketing is hugely important for small businesses and start-ups. But getting your website pages to show up in Google search results is not easy. And when they do, is Google actually displaying the text you want it to? If not, it’s a relatively easy fix for your webmaster, or you, if you developed your own site.

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