Get to Know Polaris Marketing Group

Mission statement

To help businesses more effectively manage their time so they can get back to enjoying the journey.

Our Philosophy

Marketing is the heart of all businesses. Yes, all those other business functions – finance, operations, IT, etc. – are also very important. But it’s your marketing that should set the direction for your business.

Your marketing starts with your brand. It doesn’t start with social media or email blasts. It starts with you. Brand you. The key to long-term growth is developing a strong brand. Think of your brand as the north star of all your marketing efforts. Let it guide everything you do.

Also, every business, no matter what size, should have a well thought out marketing strategy. This is the key to managing your time more effectively. Not only does your strategy help you decide what to focus your time on, but more importantly, it tells you what not to do. Every business is unique and should have its own unique strategy. 

The House Rules (in no particular order because they’re all important)

  • Remember, people buy on emotion. They use facts to justify their behavior. This is true whether your customers are people or another business. (FYI, businesses are run by people.)
  • Measure and track everything you can. You will learn from it. Apply the learnings.
  • Don’t settle for mediocre. If you don’t love it, your customers won’t either.
  • Details matter.

What Makes Us Unique

We have backgrounds that include working for both large, global corporations and small, entrepreneurial types of business. So, we understand what smaller businesses need and how to adapt big company tools and best practices to be help them be even more successful.

In addition, we have backgrounds in general business management, not just digital marketing. We understand that your marketing has to fit with your overall business goals. We can help you develop an integrated, holistic strategy for your business. Digital isn’t always the best option. Offline tactics still work very well. Most likely it’s figuring out the right mix of tactics for your unique strategy. Plus, given our backgrounds, we can often help you beyond your marketing.

By the way, we are not a marketing agency. We are more like marketing partners. In a partnership, both sides bring something to the table. We can then learn from each other as we continue on our journeys.

Our services cover three key areas of marketing – your brand, your strategy, and your story. Let us know if you think we can help with anything.