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Welcome to Polaris Marketing Group

They say building a business is all about the journey. 

That sounds great, doesn’t it! Very adventurous. Even exciting! But, most likely, you’re scratching your head wondering what happened to the fun stuff. The stuff you’d do anyway, even if money grew on trees. 

Fear not! Three simple steps and you’re back on your way.

Step 1: Get those sticky notes under control

If you manage a small business or start-up, chances are, your days probably go something like this…

You pour your morning coffee and sit down at your desk, ready to take on the day armed with your trusty “to do” list. Yesterday afternoon it was a mess of various sized sticky notes strewn haphazardly across your desk, along with several desperately clinging to your computer screen. You skillfully compiled all the colored chaos onto one piece of paper, each task prioritized appropriately. Life was good. 

Fast forward to 6pm. You look for your “to do” list. It somehow disappeared early this morning. Where’d it go? There it is. Submerged beneath a mass quantity of newly generated sticky notes. 

Despite what you may think, sticky notes are not evil alien lifeforms. They can be helpful. But only in moderation.

Step 2: Stop competing with Time 

Before the sticky notes started to regenerate, you likely felt pretty good about things. According to your list, first up was a quick check of the email. Just a couple and nothing urgent. Email done. Boxed checked!!! (Admit it, you actually checked it.)

Next up, payroll. Then, fix that thingamajig in the warehouse. After that, upgrade the OS on the laptops. This afternoon… develop a new marketing campaign, curate social media content (what was it that Facebook just changed?), write two blog posts… [Ring tone.] Uh oh… 

OK. Deep breath. Congratulate yourself, though. Yes, that’s right! Your business has been successful enough to attract a new competitor. But this one is different. It doesn’t have a similar product or service. And it plays by different rules. Your new competitor is Time.

Step 3: Invite others to join you

This is the part people normally get stuck on.

First, figure out what you love doing and what you’re really good at. If it’s operations, do that. If it’s IT, do that. If it’s product development, do that. Whatever it is, just focus on that and only that.

Then, find a partner to help with the other stuff. This doesn’t mean you have to hire more full time people. Find someone who loves to do what you don’t and bring them along on your journey. Maybe they join you for specific projects, or maybe for a couple days a week. Just get them on board. 

This will enable you to more effectively manage Time so you can get back to enjoying your journey.

The folks at Polaris Marketing Group love marketing stuff. (You probably guessed that.) There are many ways we can help you start to enjoy your journey again. Once you’ve had a chance to learn more about us, feel free to let us know how we can help.